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Monday, June 11, 2018

What a Fun Team Meeting!

Yesterday we held our Ink Masters Team Meeting.  Seven of us gathered at my home to discuss business (OK, we discussed all the fabulous new stuff in the fabulous new catalog), celebrate achievements and stamp!  We had such a good time, I thought I'd share a little of our meeting.

First up, a challenge - Everyone got a new "color coach" (a wonderful tool developed by Nicole Watt at Pixel Maven's Retreat) and I had strips of all the new colors of cardstock on the table.  Everyone was given a Whisper White Notecard, and their challenge was to create a card with their choice of colors; we were going to vote on our favorite color combination.  Take a look:

Everyone hard at work choosing their colors and creating their card.

The line up...

...and the vote (not very professional, but it worked):

#2 was the winner!  Geanie received an etched Ink Masters acrylic block (with our team logo).

Then it was time for a break...Bonnie had brought a fabulous cake and even created "lollies" celebrating my recent achievement of $100,000 in career sales.  I was humbled...

Back to stamping:

TJ brought us a wonderful project using Nature's Roots.  It was the first time she had presented at one of our meetings, and she did a wonderful job!  

Crystal brought this card for us to make - can you say "CUTE"?  She taught us something new with the Copper Ribbon--pulling out the black thread that holds it all together allows you to make a little "nest" of copper threads; look at the nest under the heart.  We learn something new every time we get together.

Crystal has also been having a ball with the Graceful Glass Vellum, and showed off a sample of her art:


Tani demonstrated a technique--using shaving cream and reinkers to make a marbled background: (sorry I cut your head off, Tani! ­čśž)

Here's Bonnie after cleaning the shaving cream off her Glossy Cardstock:

Here are our cards:

Every one of them is different, but all of them were wonderful!

Gail will kill me over publishing this pic, but I had to show you our team shirts!  She and Geanie wore theirs to our meeting and won the prize for "team spirit".

We have such fun at our team meetings.  If you are interested in joining us (there is NEVER any obligation to SELL anything--this "business" is yours to run as you please, and I welcome Hobby Demonstrators) we'd love to have you.  Click here to access my website and click on the "Join The Fun" button.  Just $99 (which gets you $125 in any products you want, plus FREE shipping) will get you your invitation to come to our next meeting!

And I'm already looking forward to it!

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