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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to Be A Stampin' UP Demonstrator

Yesterday I alluded to my list of Top 10 Reasons I LOVE being a Stampin' UP Demonstrator.  I thought maybe you'd like to see them; if any of them resonate with you, how about joining my team?  Right now (through March 31), new demonstrators get an extra $25 of products in their supply kit--and YOU get to choose what you include.  So if you already have lots of stampin' supplies, augment your craft goodies with things you want (ahem) NEED!

My Top 10:

10.  Participating in webinars
          Stampin' UP hosts webinars to introduce new products and techniques

  9.  Regularly getting to throw parties!
          I hold at least 3 parties every month!

  8.  Participating in swaps
          I sign up to "play" with my friends, getting samples and ideas

  7.  I'm able to order NEW stuff before it's available to my customers
          Demos get to order a month early, to play with new products and create
            samples and inspiration for customers

  6.  Making lots of new friends through parties and Card Clubs
          I get to meet new people every month!

  5.  Having access to thousands of samples for inspiration
          (See yesterday's post, here, to see what I mean)

  4.  Making extra money 
          (to spend on stampin' stuff, of course!)

  3.  Getting FREE stuff!
          Stampin' UP is very generous; there are contests and other ways to win 
            FREE product

  2.  Going to Convention!
          I go EVERY year!  Love being around thousands of people who LOVE what
            I LOVE!  So inspiring!

And the #1 reason I LOVE being a Stampin' UP Demonstrator:

          Getting discounts on all my stampin' stuff!

Wanna join me and have your own Top 10 Reasons to LOVE what you do?  Click here to join my Stampin' Amigos Team!

And let's get creating!

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