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Monday, March 5, 2018

Passionate, Bored, or Just Plain Crazy? You Decide...

I'm visiting my folks on Cape Cod, MA, and had the unfortunate luck to be here during the latest nor'easter!  We lost power on Friday afternoon and it stayed off, during the VERY windy and rainy weekend when we had near-freezing temperatures.  Before the heat came back on it got to 49 degrees IN THE HOUSE! On Saturday night I slept with a blanket under me, 4 on top of me, fully dressed (including sweatshirt AND HAT!). 

Needless to say, we did what we could to take our minds off the weather, and here's something I did:

So what do you think--am I passionate about stamping?  Bored?  Or just plain crazy?  I think I was headed to cra-cra...

But I do think this is a great hint, don't you? 

Fortunately we got our power back Sunday afternoon.  And I leave tomorrow for my California home, where I get to put my craft room back together after getting new carpet and paint while I was gone.  And if I didn't go crazy with the cold, just wait until I face my naked craft room! 


  1. That's a good tip. I'm sure the cold was brutal, but I am glad you could be there to be with your parents. And the naked craft room...I am both envious and sooo not at the same time (if that is possible)!

    1. Yes, Bonnie, I was glad to be with my parents through the cold, but it WAS brutal! I probably gained 2 years back of my life from being "preserved"! LOL.
      Now for that craft room...