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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I'm Under the Weather

I've been absent for a little while and figured I should let you know why.  I had a simple knee surgery 3 weeks ago.  It was all perfect and I felt great...for 4 days...and then complications set in.  I've since had a pulmonary embolus and spent 3 days in the hospital, got some medication that ended up causing bleeding into my knee and some severe pain.  So needless to say, I haven't been upstairs to my craft room for a while, and I've run out of things to show you.  I'm telling you all this, not for sympathy, but for your patience, and I will share some technique videos from Stampin' UP! over the next several days until I can get crafty again.  Hopefully soon!

So here is a fun technique that I often demonstrate in classes--adding colors directly to stamps with Markers.  Some of the colors used are now retired, but this technique is always a winner...Enjoy!


  1. So happy you are starting to feel better. Please take your time and take care of yourself. Hope you guys are enjoying some of those series I told you about😊

  2. Thanks so much, Laurie; slow going, but a little step forward each day, with fewer steps backwards!