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Monday, November 20, 2017

It's a New Paper Pumpkin!

OMG, this is SO cute!  Take a look at Paper Pumpkin for November:

Not a subscriber?  It's so easy to join.  Just click here and you'll get your own special orange box each month so you can have 30 minutes of crafting heaven!  $19.95 a month, and you can put your subscription on hold or stop it at any obligation.

Why not give Paper Pumpkin a try? 


  1. I agree, wish I could get it. Will need to remember for next year!

  2. If you subscribe now, you will be eligible to purchase refills of this kit (or any others). The only problem is that the refills will probably sell out very quickly...this is a really cute kit!

  3. I tried that once before and the refills are not complete😞

    1. You're right--the stamps and ink may be missing unless they sell the entire set (which they did last month). But you can always borrow mine! :)