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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Look Who's Helping!

I've been very busy prepping for a holiday card class.  I have 16 people coming to make Christmas cards and there is A LOT of Big Shot dies to be cut.  Because the class would last 24 hours if everyone had to cut their own, I enlisted the aid of someone special to help me cut all the dies:

I told my husband I'd pay him $10 to work with a "tool".  He agreed...and I put him to work!  Poor thing, he had no idea what he'd be getting into.  But after a few turns of the crank, he was on a roll, and churning out diecut after diecut!

And after a few minutes, he was actually smiling:

See?  Anyone can do this...

Come back next week, and I'll show you all the cards we were making. 

(And if you want to leave him a nice message, I'm sure he'd appreciate it!  He worked with me for two evenings and one afternoon!  Whew...)


  1. Love how your husband is helping!!! Hope your (huge!) class goes well too!

  2. Oh, thank you, Gayle; he says he's "done" with the Big Shot and never appreciated how much work I put into my classes. :)

  3. that's love and companionship demonstrated. Way to go! Of's also senior slave labor. $10 for two nights and an afternoon! So you know it was for love. And maybe a pizza bought with the $10? Then again...keeping a wife happy and sane? Priceless!

    1. Yes, Jean, love and companionship--40 years worth! He's a gem and I'm keeping him. Of course, that love goes two ways--he plays bass in two bands, and I'm his biggest "groupie"! Never miss a show!