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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Stamps - Not just for Stampin'

I have a friend and customer who has taken stamping to a whole new level.  Nancy is an avid crafter who loves to stamp, but she is also a fabulous jewelry maker.  And she just showed me a necklace I  have to share!  Take a look:

Nancy used the Petite Petals stamps, and actually made this gorgeous flower necklace with an amethyst in the center.  Isn't that beautiful?

This sterling silver flower is one of the stamps from this set, and it is so lovely!  She has used other stamps and embellishments for rings and earrings, but she blew me away with this.

You can have one for yourself; contact Nancy at

And leave her a message here--I know she'd be thrilled to hear your comments. 

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